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Computer - Digital

latest work

Most of my recent work has been done in the computer using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I recently took a 3Ds computer animation class which opened my eyes to the world of animation.

Pen and Ink drawings  grabbed my attention for many years enabling me to create realistic images of both people and animals.

Pen & Ink

I have been an Artist, Illustrator and Art Director for over 30 years. I have worked on everything from T-shirt designs for Sports Teams to catalog design and website development for a Helmet company, as well as fine art illustrations and  commissioned artwork.

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My German Shepherd Cancer Ribbon awareness design.‚Äč

My favorite media to work with is Watercolor. It has been  a passion of mine ever since my college years.

A collection of My Artwork

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my story


I have always loved photography and most of my images are of animals, nature and my favorite place to relax "the Farm"